Friday, March 5, 2010

Hard and fast friends...

I have Trisha... Huett, Sam and Ava have each other(or gran gran), Mikey has Sam and me, MawMaw has Aunt Shell, dad has Dennis(haha dad, if you are reading this). We all have our best friends. Those we have things in common with outside of just a normal familial love that is inborn and unconditional. Mikey and Sam love sports and spend the majority of their time together doing something athletic, be it golf, basketball, baseball. Whatever. I know that sounds crazy b/c he's only three but it's obvious to us, Mikey already has met his match. Who knew a three year old and a twenty-eight year old could have so much in common. Huett seems to be taking a more intellectual path and likes to play on the computer. He'd prefer a lot of the time just to hang out with me, or my mom as opposed to other kids. I can remember being like that when I was little. I'd rather sit around the adults and just listen to them talk. I knew that was weird but I couldn't help it. I'm sure it got on the adults nerves too. Oh well. And that doesn't mean he won't be athletic(it's fine if he isn't but with two athletic parents such as Mikey and I, how can he not...I'm kidding) but he just seems so smart. And Trisha and I finish each others sentences a lot of the time. She speaks thoughts that I have had but have never mentioned to anyone and it's really freaky but it's so cool to have someone who just plain gets it. I hope everyone has that with someone.
I write all this to explain that I hope Charlie and Archer will have this close relationship with each other. Huett, Ava, and Sam are like triplets. And although it seems silly looking at these pictures, we've had more than a handful of people ask us if Charlie and Archer are twins.

They get to spend a lot of time together because my mom keeps both of them while Trisha and I work. It's safe to say our kids see each other atleast 6 days a week, but usually it's everyday and that's allright with us. Mikey says we are like the Griswalds. Especially when we go camping which I am already getting psyched about!
Just to show you how close we are, as I'm writing Mikey and Trisha and our friend Glazer, are headed to Birmingham to sign us up ( and Glazer's wife Lisa) for Kidsmarket, which I will no doubt be posting about later. That is another thing I am psyched about. A little piece of heaven that comes twice a year!
Now back to the point of this post, I think it is inevitable that they will be best cousins and I am excited about that.

I think a tight-knit happy family is the best thing we can give our kids(and ourselves).

They're so sweet!
And do you all realize that one day between my kids, Trisha's kids, and Chad's kids,
we'll have seven teenagers:
2 eighteen year olds,
1 seventeen year old,
one sixteen year old,
and three fourteen year olds?
That should be interesting...and that's putting it mildly!


  1. I'm not thinking about the teenager years! I'm just enjoying all the kids now! If we could just figure out how to work Teagan and Taiden in to more family time with Huett, Ava, Sam, Archer and charlie! I know their schedule and the closeness of the homes are a bit different but when they become teenagers that won't matter, they will just drive on over and see GranGran, PawPaw and all their cuz's!!!

  2. Sweet kids! I am sad I don't ever get to see you or talk to you! I think I saw Mikey at Kids Market the other morning, but I told myself, surely he was like my husband and laugh at the fact I want to get up that early. Sorry I didn't say hello- I will blame it on lack of sleep that morning! Way to go Mikey for taking one for the team!

  3. you are lucky to have a sister like me! what can i say. like the old proverb says, "it takes a village". at this rate, we are going to have a full-blown city!