Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nana's 80th Birthday Party

Martha Hodgson Huett turned eighty years old on Sunday, March 14th 2010!
To celebrate, her sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren threw her an eightieth birthday bash!
A dear friend of the family, Rhonda Willis, did the catering pro bono, which we are forever grateful for!
She was also responsible for the beautiful flowers and assorted decorations.
The cake, which was my favorite part of the night, was made by a friend of Rhonda, who also made my wedding cake, and it was delicious!

We've been planning the party for quite some time now. Nana has been beside herself with excitement looking forward to the big day!

Before the party I went around to make pictures of all the decorations. Her cake was so perfect for her, and it matched the "spring" theme perfectly!

She received a lot of heartfelt cards and notes! She's a well-known and well-loved woman.

This was the place setting at the center table!

This is one of the floral arrangements that were placed on each of the round tables!

There were well over one-hundred and fifty people there!
Nana has touched a lot of lives in her eighty years!

Don't the colors look so happy and inviting! I'm loving the spring accents!

Here is a picture of Sam and his big cousin Hannah
When we pulled up at the party Mikey said, "Is that Hannah? She looks like a grown woman?", and he was right. She did look grown even though I think she's only thirteen!

Trisha and Ava and Archer were obviously in attendance! Isn't Archer just becoming such a little man?

He's ready for Easter in this big-boy outfit!

Dad and Teagan were excited to be there!

Huett and Ava (and Sam and Teagan) ran wild most of the party. Hopefully they didn't disrupt the party too bad, and Nana didn't seem to mind. Since she was the guest of honor, her opinion is what mattered most, right?

Here's a close up of her beautiful cake!

This was the cheese/crackers/ dips table

Meatballs, chicken fingers, sausage balls and pasta salad!

Sandwiches and FRUIT! Yummy beautiful fruit fresh from the Farmer's Market!

It was so vibrant that it deserved a close up!

Nana was actually dancing a little dance while we sang Happy Birthday, and she went on to give a short mini-sermon on life and how to live it!
She is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters who are all still alive and thriving!
(I hope we tapped into their gene pool...I definitely got the facial profile, but I digress)
Nana has traveled to every continent except for Antarctica (duh!) and Australia. She has been on numerous mission trips all over the world! She even went so far as to smuggle Bibles across the border into a communist country that will remain unnamed! Brave huh?
She raised four wonderful sons who have gone on to provide her with twelve grandchildren and ten great grandchildren(if my math is correct). Her "seed" as she refers to it when she prays for us all everyday, can be found all over Alabama, up north to New York City, all the way to Africa(My Uncle Mark and his wife Leah are missionaries there for the next year and a half).
I can't think of one person that has come even remotely close to our family that doesn't have a funny story or inspiring memory that includes Nana!
She went on a blind date with my Grandfather, and he gave her a false name..."Jimmy"(his real name was Clarence). She followed "Jimmy" all the way to California on a Greyhound bus and as far as we all know, they were together ever since!
(she also went on The Price is Right and won cleaning supplies all those years ago)
I can remember having to talk her out of riding the skycoaster with me in Panama City when I was in high school(Thanks April for reminding me!)
She prayed for my grandfather everyday until he became a Christian right before he passed away, and she had us all right there along side her!
She has done more in the years since she retired than most people will do in a lifetime and she hasn't slowed down much since then either!
I know just how blessed we all are to have such a strong, Christian matriarch to look up to, and I continue to keep doing just that!
Happy Eightieth Birthday...and here's to forty more**
**Nana always tells us that she will live to be one-hundred and twenty because that is what God has limited us to here on Earth!
Who knows, she may do just that!
What a Birthday party that will be!
Until then...


  1. I so love me some Nana! She truly is an amazing woman. She has has always cracked me up. She was always the coolest grandparent around when we were younger. Happy Birthday Nana!

  2. Tiffany, you did a great job with this blog. Way to go!!!

  3. happy birthday nana! it was a lovely party.