Monday, March 22, 2010

textual abuse

Everyone pause for one second whilst I hoist myself onto my soapbox.
I don't know how many of you watch sixteen and pregnant...I know my Mother-in-law does(shout out to Regina), so she'll know what I'm talking about, but I'll fill the rest of you in. This is a show that details the lives of girls who get pregnant at sixteen, and how they, their families, and their boyfriends deal with the emotional stress that it entails.
Well, a few weeks ago, the episode was about a girl named Chelsea. She lives with her dad, who seems to be financially stable and very supportive. She was a cheerleader, lots of friends, you know, normal high-school stuff. So basically, she gets pregnant by her boyfriend and at first, he kinda seems supportive, but insanely jealous. Like he got really mad b/c she went to a party, one he TOO had plans to attend, but was all mad(like really mad) because she arrived before he did, even though he NEVER asked her to go with him! When the baby was born, she was in the hospital for several days( he only visited once). When the mom finally brought the baby home, (without his help, I might add), he got all mad because she wouldn't leave the baby at home to go "partying"! He said, and I quote, "Can't your mom just watch her?!?" And in a moment of surprise maturity, Chelsea told him, It's not that she WON'T watch her,it's that I DON'T want to leave her yet! At this point, the score is something like Chelsea 3 Adam-1!
Well, just to prove a point, he takes it even further.

The baby is now a few months old, and really cute, I might add, and Chelsea calls Adam to ask him if he cares to see the baby. Just like every other time she asks him this, he gets all pissed off and says that this is all she ever talks about(Of course it is you idiot, she is LIVING with the baby like a responsible adult, and when you have a newborn, that is ALL you can think about!!!) Anyway, he follows up by sending this cruel, mean, indespicable text:

I mean, even I teared up on this one! The behavior of the majority of the young men on these shows is abhorrent! As the mother of three young sons, I pray pray PRAY that we are never in this situation, but if it comes, I would hope that they would handle it with a little more class and integrity than these guys.
In a sign of genius, for once, MTV has made an extreme point not to glamorize teen pregnancy. I have watched this show for two seasons and only ONE couple seemed even remotely capable of co-parenting(Catelynn and Tyler for those of you who watch), and they were the very ones who gave their baby girl up for adoption in a true selfless act, which, I might add, had a whole other world of emotional stress of it's own.
MTV has also coined this type of abuse "Textual abuse" and went on to warn the dangers of such negative behavior(that is another pat on the back MTV)

What, you say, is my point?
Well, I was on a blog about MTV shows, just surfin' the web like I do, when I came upon a poll that asks your opinion of the text Adam sent to Chelsea: Here it is verbatim(I copied and pasted)

Adam's text to Chelsea was:
Intentionally cruel. He doesn't deserve compassion.

An immature slip. Kind of understandable considering the pressure he was under.


This must be some kind of mistake, right? Surely our teens, who I am presuming were the majority of the voters(I doubt their target audience was a twenty-six year old married nurse with 3 kids), are smart enough to know that this behavior is unacceptable under ANY amount of stress, no matter how big or small!
Either that, or Adam's family hit up the website like crazy to skew the results!
I am just appalled at the fact that our teens would vote so overwhelmingly that this kind of thing was OK?!?
Whose with me?
I was all upset about healthcare, and now THIS!


  1. well you know your mother is with you 100%

  2. This show is addictive.. and i feel so sorry for these babies that are born to some of these selfish kids.. and that Adam is a piece of !!!!!!. I am so happpy that my 3 grandsons are being brought up in a happy and loving home, with wonderful parents and a host of extended family.

  3. He actually reminded me of someone i know up until that terrible text message... guys can act so selfish and destructive sometimes. I honestly think Adam was just too young and immature and will grow out of it... I wonder what is going on with them now. OH and yeah- catelynn and tyler had me sobbbbbing... i mean bawlin my eyes out :( ugh... the curse of the sensitivity of a mommy...