Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week on...

Okay, so I know a new sixteen and pregnant comes on tonight, but I have been meaning to comment on the episode from last week involving Eric and Samantha, two teens living in Texas. She proclaims herself as the "good girl" who used to smirk and whisper when pregnant girls walked by in the lunchroom.( note: there weren't pregnant GIRLS like as in plural... in my high school, there might have been one or two, but I don't think I ever remember there being two at the same time) Anyway, lo and behold, this "good girl" gets preggo. They seem as mature as two teens can be, much more than some of the other couples on the show, so that was a plus. My real issue with this episode was with Eric's mom. The girls parents(who are divorced, but still happily co-parenting) forbid them to see one another when they started having sex at fifteen, like any responsible parents would do. Well, that's where Eric's mother comes in. She said that she just couldn't stand to see her son so heartbroken, so she allowed the two to sneak around and do what hormonal teens do...and we all know what happened next...Samantha is pregnant.

Well, the kids beg their parents to kiss and make up but Eric's mom continues to have attitude about the whole situation like it isn't all her fault. Hello, you aided and abetted a teenage girl to go against the wishes of her parents(who were actually doing their job) to see her boyfriend on the sly. The very least you could've done was chaperone their visits. Obviously you chose not to do that and now sweet little innocent Samantha is in the family way.
Maybe you should lose the attitude and own up to the fact that this is atleast partially your fault. Geez, what is wrong with people these days? I guess for some people, having a child doesn't automatically cause you to mature, even when that child is now a teenager and capable of producing children of their own.
Well done.


  1. i am going to hold my tongue and not comment on what i would do. we are going to have 5 teenagers between us in less than 10 years, so lets just see how that goes, shall we?

  2. HA!!! MEE TOO!! Trisha, since we have those "strong-willed" gals - i think it is wise that we just keep our mouths shut and hope and pray for the best ;)

  3. All I'm saying is Eric's mom should've done a better job chaperoning them if she was knowingly going to disregard Samantha's parents wishes. That's all. I know teens will be teens, but when a parent tries to parent and then is undermined I think that is wrong. That's all I'm saying. You should've seen the attitude Eric's mom had about the whole thing!