Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farewell fair breastpump!

Frustrated days, sleepless nights. Breastmilk storage bags, sterilizing kits. Lanolin, tubing, phalanges. Chapped nipples, nipple shields (tmi?). Oh it's enough to make your head spin.
For those of you who aren't hip to this lingo, these are all things that come with your standard breastpump.

My breastpump and I have had a tumultuous past. I hated her, but I couldn't live with out her. No new breastfeeding mom can(In my opinion)
I lucked up one day at work and got her out of sheer luck. I rented one when I had Huett that looked ancient and came in a big blue container that looked like a tackle box. When I was pregnant with Sam, I was working at UAB(and still am). At that time, every patient that delivered at UAB got the choice of a carseat stroller or a breastpump as a free gift. Well, one patient thought she was being sly and on her first day, she said she wanted the breastpump. On the second day, she said she wanted a car-seat stroller. Somehow wires got crossed and they actually delivered her both gifts. Well, one of the nurses realized it and told her that she couldn't have both and made her choose. Well, she chose the carseat stroller. When we called our lactation consultant to find out what to do with the breastpump she said if the patient had opened it then there was nothing she could do with it because she couldn't give it to another patient. Well, the patient had indeed opened it, but hadn't actually used it. A co-worker said well don't just throw it away( these medela breastpumps cost $300 +) Give it to Tiffany, she's about to have a baby! And that was all she wrote! Lucky huh?

Well, I said farewell to her for the last time last week. I've passed her on to a friend who is about to have her second baby. I was actually a little sad to see it go. Not that I ever enjoyed using it, but being able to physically provide for your tiny baby is one concrete achievement during such a difficult time when a newborn baby comes home and you feel like you aren't doing anything right. Especially for someone like me who never got the hang of actually breastfeeding without it feeling like I was feeding 3 little baby piranhas.

She went with me everywhere while I was breastfeeding. You name it, we went. I've pumped in the parking lot at Stix, driving down too many roads to count, in the back of my parents 12 passenger van, every room in my house, every house of my family, and my husbands family, at work ,and in a few dressing rooms.
That is one of the few baby-related things that I am not sad to let go. I'm sad that I won't have another baby, but I am NOT sad that I won't ever have to use a breastpump again.
In other (but equally Important) news, Mikey's "specimen" results came back negative...That means his "sterilization" worked. So that's how I can be certain there will be no more Hill children. Or atleast there better not be, or people might be wondering...haha that would be one intense visit to the urologist.


  1. Oh the days of traveling with you and the breast pump!!!!!How much fun was that!

  2. when i had ava, all i ever pumped with was a "travel" pump that wasn't meant to be used like that! it couldn't handle my milk load! anyway, with archer i never pumped...just had to nurse wherever and whenever. see ya pump!